Major portions of fats are stored in abdomen and belly areas. So, we need to incorporate intense abs workout in our gym regime to bid adieu those extra pounds. And who doesn’t dream of those toned and sculpt abs to show-off? We all die to learn workout secrets from toned fitness models.

Abdominal muscle or “abs” workouts have a great significance in our journey of weight loss. They are embodiment of fitness and strength. Strong abs enhances our posture and body balance. They improves our flexibility and reduces the diseases such as joint pains, back pains etc. It also reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases which are caused due to excess abdominal fats leading imbalance of insulin in body.

Here are certain abs workouts which you can include in your every day gym session to get a toned belly-

Side plank exercise- This is more intense than the regular plank exercise as it gives the whole body attention on your side ways and shifting the whole weight on two supports rather than four. It strengthens your core muscles and enhances your flexibility. It also enables proper body stabilization.

How to do it?

One needs to lie on their left elbow beneath one’s shoulder, keeping the legs stacked together. Then one places the right hand on the left shoulder or hip.

One needs to brace up their abs and lift up their hips forming a diagonal line pattern of body. Keep a hold of this posture for 35-40 seconds. Then switch sides and start with the right side.

Walkout and push up exercise– This workout exercise involves whole body movement concerning on all fatty tissues and burning your calories from each part. It improves your endurance and resistance. Further, it provides strength to your core muscles.

How to do it?

Take the push up position, with hands two inch wider in distance from shoulder.

Walk 4-5 steps, push up thrice and then walk back again in the same manner. Repeat.

Alligator drag exercise– Alligator drag exercise includes your entire core muscles in the process and strains on them, strengthening the abs. The mixed movements of cardio, stability and strength further enhance body posture and enables fast and effective burning of calories.

How to do it?

Place a sliding cloth or anything below your toes and take the position of a regular push up. Avoid doing this on rough surface as it may give you bruises.

Then walk on your hands, sliding your lower body in that upward push up position up to 10-12 yards, then rest for 60-80 seconds for recovery. Repeat from the other side in the same manner.

Crunches– If you want to get rid of those extra bagging pounds on your abdomen and get a sculpt one instead, this is your savior. Crunches are the most effective way of burning calories and losing weight. Its benefits comprises of strong core muscles, burning calories around your abdomen section, strong arm muscles and firm and perfect posture.

How to do it-

One has to lie down on floor, on a mat or cushion for back support. Then lift up your legs at a height of 90 degrees angle.

Then fold your arms, cross-checking them behind your head.

Lift up your upper torso in this position while inhaling deeply, then held the position for 2-4 seconds and exhale.

Then go down back, inhaling. Exhale again while you come back

Repeat this for 10 times a set and then take a 5 minutes recovery break. Do this exercise every day at least 2-3 sets to bid adieu to your extra pounds.

These above are the top 4 workouts to tone up your abs and for a faster weight loss regime.