After sweaty workout, one is completely famished. But the fear of gaining calories is so much that it doesn’t let us eat. In other cases, one is left with loss of appetite when one over-workouts.

But eating after workout is very important for body and mind. Experts advise people that eating right things at right time is very crucial for weight loss. One must plan a perfect healthy diet plan pre and post workouts with the consult of nutritionist for faster weight loss.

Most of the people have this illusion of gaining extra pounds after workout if they eat. This myth let their workout regimes to show less effective results in reducing their fats.

Here are certain benefits of eating post-workout in reducing weight-

Nutrients, nutrients and nutrients-After a tiring and gruelling session, our body flush calories along with electrolytes, proteins, glycogens, fluids and carbohydrates. This calls for a wholesome meal. Eating post-workout enriches our body with nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates and replenishes those depleted nutrients in body.

Muscle-recovery- During an intense workout, our body tends to strain muscles along burning calories. We lose certain muscles too. Thus, eating a healthy meal helps in recovery of muscles which are elongated and strained in the workout session.

Building strength- post-workout snacks helps in building strength and muscles tissues. It also keeps you enhances your immunity system and gives you stronger muscle strength for more workout. It also builds more new toned tissues giving you sculpt silhouette body.

Energy and metabolism connection- Eating after workout keeps you energetic after a hectic workout regime. It also enhances your metabolism and builds you a strong appetite. Thus, there comes the healthy connection.

Keeps you hydrated- Burning calories is no less feat. It’s a whole big journey in itself. This leaves your body dehydrated and filled with fatigue. Eating post-workout keeps your body hydrated with fluids flowing with helps in filtering impurities and proper blood circulation.

The most important is the time to eat after workout. One should eat within 15 minutes to one hour after workout to restore all the flushed energy.

One should consult to nutritionist to plan a healthy pre and post-workout. A healthy meal; post-workout should consists combination of carbs, proteins, electrolytes and fluids to reduce fats and repair strained muscles of the body. Thus, eating after workout compliments your workout regime for weight loss and toned body.