FOM University of Applied Sciences


FOM is the biggest economic management university in Germany, which was jointly founded by the Entrepreneur Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, some multinational corporations and financial groups of Essen. FOM has a strong faculty which includes 80 professors and 500 experienced visiting professors. On the list of China-accredited German universities published by JSJ, FOM ranks 94th.

FOM has established long term collaboration with many enterprises, multinational corporations and business associations such as 3M, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, PWE and Deutsche Bank etc. Based on its close partnerships with enterprises and good reputation in economic circles, FOM’s master programs are widely known and accepted. Many international headhunters such as Mercuri Urval search for administrative talents through FOM. Besides, college students can also use FOM as a platform to find their ideal jobs and realize their values.

The Advantages of the Program

1. Flexible Admission Policy
Directly collaborate with FOM, and simplify the procedure of entrance examination by only requiring a certificate of English performance (IELTS 6.0/ CET6).
2. Short School System and Low Tuition
Since Germany is well known for its high value of diplomas and low tuition, it has become one of the best countries for international students to go further their studies.
3. Unique Curriculum Settings and Advantages on Employment
Based on the double-qualified professors and high-tech enterprise surroundings, the curriculum settings of FOM meet market demands. So the graduates from FOM are more competitive and popular in job market.
4. Small-class Teaching
Small-class teaching provides students with more interaction opportunities with professors.
5. Highly qualified Teaching Team with International Horizon
Strong faculty composed by domestic and foreign experienced professors provides students with high-quality teaching both in language and part of foundation courses.
6. Efficient Services
Based on the direct collaboration between CISAU and FOM, the intercollegiate communication and coordination about the program is more convenient and efficient.

A comparison between studying for a graduate program abroad and domestic:




Time Consumption

1 year with intensive curriculum

2 or 3 years with loose curriculum

The Difficulty of Admission

Application system ,any student? having undergraduate degree can apply

Be similar to college entrance examination.


8500 Euro/year



Small but delicate, with flexible courses in various forms.

Extensive and tedious, short in teaching resources, and rigid in course design.

Employment Prospect

Have various choices , Competitive and

Lack practice experience ,difficult to find jobs

FOM’s Graduate Program (Business Management)

Training Mode: 3+1+1
CISAU selects 15-30 candidates from junior students for the program annually and provide them with training lessons on language (IELTS & German) and part of the foundation courses of the graduate program in the last two semesters(the 7th and 8th semesters). After the last two semesters’ study in CISAU, the candidate who meets the language requirement (IELTS 6.0 or CET6) and smoothly graduates from CISAU with an undergraduate degree will get chance to go to FOM to take the one year’s graduate program of business management. After completing the required credits in FOM, a master degree will be granted.

Enrollment Target:

Excellent junior and senior students of CISAU

Charging standard:

Domestic tuition: 20000 RMB

Preferential policy:

A candidate’s domestic language training fee (10000 RMB) in CISAU can be exempted if he/she can meet the language requirement (CET6 or IELTS 6.0) within the stipulated time.

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