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About College of Information, Shanxi Agriculture University(CISAU) Chinese Language School
CISAU Chinese Language School is, organized and administrated by International Exchange and Corporation Department, and taught in the School of International Exchange as a Second Language. Those students who meet the assessment requirements will be issued an education certificate and a transcript from College of Information, Shanxi Agriculture University upon completion of the program. 2015 CISAU Chinese Language School provides 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks Chinese courses. Classes will be divided into 3 levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Class hours will be four hours a day, twenty hours a week. CISAU Chinese Language School is open to all international students.
4 weeks: May 4th - May 31st, 2015;
6 weeks: May 4th - June 14th, 2015;
8 weeks: May 4th - June 28th, 2015;
The specific dates for the programs are based on the admission letter and program schedule.
Application Qualification and Process
Non-Chinese citizen;?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Between 18 and 50 (inclusive);
Physically and mentally healthy;
High school diploma and above
Maintain friendly relationship with China, and no criminal record
Application Period
2015 Summer Term: Application will open on March 2nd, 2015
Applications are on a “rolling” (first come, first served) basis – until full capacity. Applications will be only processed after our office receives all required document by post.
Application Procedures
Print and Fill in the application FORM.
Choose your program: Non-Degree Programs Application
Choose type of program: Short-term Program (ST)
Choose “4/ 6/ 8 weeks Chinese Summer Program”

Mail the following application materials to CISAU International Exchange and Corporation Department. Our detailed mailing address can be found in our contact information.
1. Signed International Student Application Form. Download and print it out from our website and attach a formal photo?
2. One photocopy of your passport information page
Certificate of the educational highest degree (copy) or Certificate of Enrollment (original) of current educational institution, all the documents must be in Chinese or English. If they are in other languages, notarized copy in Chinese or English must be provided.
3. Certificate of HSK exam or official transcripts of full-time Mandarin training (if appropriate)
4. One recommendation letter in English or Chinese

Review and admission
Please check your E-mail in 3 days for your reply.
Admission letter and visa application form will be dispatched to the admitted students when tuition fees have been paid

Fees & Payment:
Fees (in RMB)
Application fee (non-refundable): RMB 500
Payment: Students can pay their registration fees in cash ONLY.
Tuition fee (not including fees for textbooks)
Four-week program: RMB 2,000
Six-week program: RMB 3,000
Eight-week program: RMB 4,000
Payment: cash Only by now.

Refunding Policy
Student who wants to withdraw from the program must submit the request in written before registration. Upon approval, the tuition will be refunded according to relevant regulations. If the applicant requests to withdraw after registration, the tuition will not be refunded. Withdrawals are eligible for a partial refund in line with the following guidelines:
On or before May 8th 2015: 50 % refund of tuition fees only
Between May 11st-May 17th, 2015: 25% refund of tuition fees only
On May 18th or later: no refund
Refunds will be returned to you in cash after you finish all requirment of School on your own.

Class hours: Monday to Friday, four hours a day, twenty hours a week.

Mandarin course:
All courses aim to improve students’ Mandarin proficiency. Required courses are Intensive Reading and Spoken Chinese. All courses are taught in Chinese.
Class arrangements:
Classes will be divided into 3 levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Students will be required to take the Mandarin placement test before they will be permitted to register for classes. Each class shall have no more than fifteen students. Students of 8-week program need to take the second placement test in the sixth week.

Transcript and Certificate
Those students who meet the assessment requirements will be issued an education certificate and a transcript upon completion of the program.

Extracurricular Practice
To enrich students’ study and life at CISAU, CISAU will arrange several visits to well-known scenic spots in Shanxi, and organize student exchange activities.

Visa, Insurance and Accommodation
Visa Application
The admitted students should apply for a student visa via their local Chinese embassy or consulate by providing their ordinary passport, admission notice, visa application form for foreigners and the other required documents.

All international students are required to have insurance, which should at least include accident insurance and hospitalization insurance. You can use your insurance bought in your home country or purchase insurance in China after your arrival. Detailed information about international student insurance provided by Ping An company can be found at http://www.lxbx.net/en/. Students should submit insurance certificates (in Chinese or English), issued by the relevant insurance authorities or notary organizations, ensuring accident and hospitalization insurance cover you. Failing to provide the aforementioned documents or purchasing insurance will result in the cancellation of your registration.

Accommodation is arranged by CISAU Chinese Language Summer School, but is not included in the tuition fee.
Student will receive a CISAU student ID card upon registration, which can be used as a meal card.

Contact information:
International Exchange and Corporation Department Office, Wu Ma River Theater Building
International Exchange and Corporation Department
College of Information,Shanxi Agriculture University
Taigu, 030800
P. R. China

Phone: (86-354)-5507752
E-mail: duqian@cisau.com.cn
Website: /html/guoji.htm




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